Magical Solutions for ALL Your Entertainment Needs!


Whether you need entertainment for 30 minutes or an hour, Walk Around or Stage, Small Stage or Grand Hall…Eddy Ray has the answer!

3 types of magic entertainment to choose from or combine them to create the Ultimate Magic Entertainment Experience!

Strolling Magic – Up Close Mini Magic Show


One of the important factors in creating a really unique experience for your guests is to start having fun right way...minutes after they arrive. That’s where Eddy Ray's “strolling” entertainment" comes in.

You’ll be delighted when you hear the gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained with their own 5 to 7 minute high-energy mini shows, which consist of amazing magic and humor, state of the art mental magic and personality readings.

This enchanting, fun, and intimate form of “strolling” entertainment is perfect for any type of event where there are lots of people coming and going. Most of the magic happens in their own hands!

This up close magic is performed by the hour allowing you to choose how much event coverage you need. This is one of the most exciting forms of entertainment in the world today and Eddy will leave people talking about this experience even weeks after the event has ended!

Stand-Up Magic – Magic, Mind Reading, Comedy

Want to give your guests an Unforgettable Time that they will be talking about for days and weeks later?  Then get ready for Eddy Ray!  This isn’t your grand dad’s magic show, oh no…Eddy Ray provides an up to date show featuring the worlds most amazing sleight of hand magic and thought provoking brain busters, hilarious comedy, audience involvement, all mixed with Professional modern attire, high energy music, and pure charisma from Eddy Ray is what makes this show one that people will consider the most entertaining experience ever. They will thank you for providing them with such an unforgettable time!

This type of magic program is perfect for audiences of twenty up to even a thousand or more. The show ranges anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on your desire and need

Show Highlights Could Include:

  • Simple playing cards appear, disappear and multiply in an impossible manner!
  • Solid metal rings visually melt together and feet from the eyes of the audience!
  • The entire audience reads another persons mind!
  • A persons shoe disappears and reappears inside a balloon!
  • Solid and ordinary eating forks melt like butter on a hot day!
  • One audience member watches in amazement up close as the rest of the audience is “in” on the magic trick!

Stage Magic – Magic, Escapes, Illusion

In this program you could witness the incredible sleight of hand, amazing illusions and escapes, fun audience interaction, mind reading and so much more.

This magic program runs 45 - 60 minutes with intermission but can also be cut down in length depending on what your needs are. In fact, certain aspects of this program have been used to create an opening act for comedians, bands etc.

This package contains many of the great features as the standup entertainment but consists of more visual magic and illusions that are perfect for larger stages and audiences.

Show Highlights Could Include:

  • A Barbie doll instantly changes into a beautiful woman!
  • Colored sands get mixed up into water but then are mysteriously removed unmixed and dry!
  • A shuffled deck becomes liquid and the liquid becomes the selected card!
  • One word from a novel is chosen… then the mind reading begins!
  • Challenge rope escape that provides comical entertainment and the chance for two selected people to win some big money!

So there you have it, just a few ways that Eddy Ray can make your next event or project unforgettable and amazingly successful. Remember all of our shows are customizable.
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